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Homepage picture: “Seat of the war in Asia. Map of Afghanistan. From Surveys made by British and Russian Officers upto 1875. Published in the Office of the Chief of Engineers. For the information of the Officers of the US Army. Washington, D.C. Nov. 1878.” Credit: US Library of Congress.


Announcing the launch of our Briefing Papers initiative

The objectives of the Briefing Papers initiative at the Asian Economic Forum is to encourage local and global stakeholders to find an avenue to Publish a 2 – 4 page Briefing Paper, on any domain subject related to US Policy in Asia to a Washington D.C. Policy stakeholder audience.

Our goals are to help provide unique Asia related dynamics and critical insights on a variety of domain subjects for the benefit of US Policy stakeholders, that perhaps maybe absent from mainstream discussions or conventional thinking.


Our latest Briefing Paper is titled – LNG’s role in reducing Vietnam’s Coal reliance & carbon footprint

written by John Goyer

For our stakeholders in Vietnam –  Vietnamese translation

, in the interest of regional peace, security and economic stability and to further help stimulate a Policy Discussion on the rapidly changing events in Myanmar (also known as Burma) a Policy Paper on Myanmar / Burma is available at:

Burma’s challenges Democracy, Human Rights and Narcotics


Please also read our Statement on the Myanmar Economic Forum and our Statement on the Military Coup that occurred in Myanmar / Burma on February 01st, 2021 (dated circa. February 2021).


Status of our Engagements in a COVID19 environment

Out of an abundance of caution, we have minimized all our public facing engagements in early February 2020.

We are currently practicing physically distanced forms of communication with technologically aided tools to help us continue to dialogue with various stakeholders globally.

We will look forward to resuming our regular interactions in compliance with the geographies from within which we operate.

We thank you for your understanding.

Our immediate priority will be to help support Public Health Policy dialogues and channel these to the appropriate government officials, health policy experts and administrators.

Our sincere gratitude to all the brave front line care-givers, first-responders, emergency staff, doctors, nurses, medical professionals and support staff all across the world  who are doing an incredible service to humanity under very difficult circumstance.

With much appreciation to the global scientific community and health care professionals from various communities and countries globally who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to help contain this deadly virus.

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