Myanmar 2021

Statement on the Myanmar Economic Forum

As of April 21st, 2021, the Asian Economic Forum has taken over the responsibility of running the Myanmar Economic Forum until further notice.

The Policy research and Discussion engagement interests of the Myanmar Economic Forum will be administered by the following Board of Managers / Directors*:

Dr. Michael F. Martin – Chairperson of the Board (Board term expiration end of Q2 2023)

Myat Thet Thitsar (Board term expiration end of Q3 2023) – Co-founder of Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF).

David Steinberg (Board term expiration end of Q3 2023)

Dinesh Ahluwalia, (Ex-officio position on the Board of Managers) – Founder, Myanmar Economic Forum.

Appreciation: We take this time to thank Cheery Zahau  (Board term expiration end of Q4 2021) – Country Program Director (Myanmar)  Project 2049 Institute & UN HRC Representative of Persons of Concern Myanmar and Lillian Wang, previously Senior Director and Country Director (Myanmar) VISA Inc. for her time and commitment towards the Board along with all our initiative during her tenure at the Myanmar Economic Forum, ending Q2 2021.


 * The Board of Managers / Directors of this newly constituted Myanmar Economic Forum (also herein referred to as Myanmar 2021) does NOT have any legal authority and obligations towards the Asian Economic Forum – a US non profit organization.

The Board of Managers / Directors of Myanmar 2021 serves as an independent autonomous intellectual body, designed to provide a safe platform for dialogue between various local and global stakeholders.

Initiatives under consideration include the following Committees:

Myanmar Constitutional Advisory Committee – Co-Chaired by Dr. Michael F. Martin and Cheery Zahau

We further look forward to bringing on this Committee Myanmar / Burmese people (lawyers, scholars, academics, human right activists residing in Myanmar, in hiding or residing overseas) representing gender and ethnic diversity that are committed to the drafting of a new Constitution that potentially helps establish a federal democratic republic form of government. Additionally we look forward to bringing on this Committee global thought leaders, Burma experts, constitutional lawyers and scholars from centers of academic excellence.

Financial Sector Committee – (under consideration)

This is intended to be a stakeholder driven Committee to help Financial Sector stakeholders within Myanmar communicate with various global stakeholders on the challenges of everyday living conditions, administrating a financial sector and offering perspectives of the economic state of affairs within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar within the constraints of sanctions and other hardship conditions imposed by this history of the events of February 2021 and simultaneously seek guidance for optimized solutions for the welfare of all Myanmar people.

The Board of Managers / Directors will keep the leadership of a new to be constituted Board of Directors / Trustees at the Asian Economic Forum updated on the progress, challenges and opportunities of the two abovementioned Committee’s and other initiatives on a regular basis.

Statement on the Military Coup that occurred in Myanmar / Burma on February 01st, 2021 (dated circa. February 2021).

~ We strongly condemn the military coup on February 01st, 2021 and call upon the Tatmadaw for the immediate release of all detainees.

~ We call for the Tatmadaw to immediately, reinstate the NLD as the elected government despite the imperfections of the elective process and to respect the will of the voters.

~ We call upon all stakeholders to ensure that new elections are afforded to all regions and communities that were systematically bypassed and affected on Nov 08th, 2020.

~ We call upon all stakeholders to consider that the Union Election Commission (UEC) be reconstituted as an autonomous constitutional authority with meritocracy based appointments for all its governing officers.

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