An opportunity for Dialogue and Intellectual Engagement via Memberships

On behalf of all the stakeholders of the Asian Economic Forum we thank you for your membership consideration and are looking forward to your intellectual engagement and welcoming you.

Our Annual Membership Options consists of:

  • A. Global Appreciation Circle
  • B. Knowledge Circle
  • C. Leadership Circle

Membership at the Asian Economic Forum also supports all activities at the Myanmar Economic Forum.

A. Global Appreciation Circle

To be a member of this Global Appreciation Circle, we seek no financial commitment, we simply ask you for your engagement to help us better understand who you are and your touch points to all the focus areas that we are trying to intellectually address to include Climate Change Economics and the Indo-Pacific Dialogue.

As a key benefit of the Global Appreciation Circle Membership you will be invited to participate in all our Surveys and in addition you will be the recipient of all our Surveys and Policy briefings and papers from our Non Resident Fellows along with our Executive Summaries of all our public facing Discussions.

Online Signup coming soon.

Knowledge Circle

This level of membership has been designed specifically for economic related practitioners, private sector participants and future business leaders to access all of our knowledge-based content and engagement activities.

In addition to benefits afforded to the Global Appreciation Circle, Knowledge Circle Membership benefits are:

Your membership includes your access to our invitation-only* Economic Policy Discussions. For 2020 and beyond we look to also additionally develop a regional endeavor for S.E. Asia with future discussions also potentially targeted for Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta and Manila.

Your membership also allows you to the opportunity to be invited to participate in our various Committees**

Your annual membership also includes you access to our invitation-only* public facing activities for our other initiatives which includes Climate Change Economics and the Indo-Pacific Dialogue.


Please note that as a “think tank” we see one of our many responsibilities for creating comfort zones for dialogue between various stakeholders and as such many of our discussions are held in closed door sessions away from membership privileges.

**Committee participation is an opportunity but not a right of the annual membership. Selection process & Term at the discretion of the Editorial Board. Committee participation are afforded on domain expertise, time commitment demonstrated by the member.

Please contact us at for further engagement and pricing formalities.


C. Leadership Circle

This exclusive level of membership has been specifically designed for C-suite & senior executives, business leaders and other accomplished stakeholders that wish to have higher levels of access* to global thought leaders, policy makers, domain experts and wish to meaningfully engage and support all our knowledge-based discussions.

In addition to all the benefits afforded to the Knowledge Circle Members, Leadership Circle Members will also have the unique opportunity to meet and engage* with all our invited Distinguished Guests at all our planned activities and initiatives as and when the opportunities becomes available.

Most importantly your membership will also help contribute towards the administration and planning of our Non-Resident Fellowship and Public Policy Scholarship initiatives and from time to time as the opportunity presents itself you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with our Non-Resident Fellows, our Public Policy Scholarship Advisory Board and with members of our Global Advisory Board.


Please note we do not sell access or an opportunity to engage. We merely appreciate your support and if and when possible, we  are happy to enable such opportunities for you to meet and engage our guests. We do not operate as a lobby and furthermore, we do not make any representations of any advocacy or cause other than the Editorial subjects that we embark on as a think tank.

Please contact us at for further engagement and pricing formalities.


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