About Us

The Asian Economic Forum is an economic focused “think tank” with a research interest in public policy

We are a platform for regional Asian communities and global stakeholders to meet and discuss ideas and solutions for the long term sustainable economic development and advancement of Asian economies and the stability of their underlying financial markets.

We are a US nonprofit entity operating from within South East Asia bringing forth American styled thought leadership on our focus areas.

Our focus is to enable Discussions and ‘Engagement with Policy Stakeholders’ that support long term sustainable economic development and advancement of Asian economies and the stability of their underlying financial markets.

In the midst of rising trade tensions in 2018 we initiated the Indo-Pacific Dialogue to gain valuable insights and perspectives on the US engagement strategy for this region.

Looking at 2020 and beyond, we intent to continue similar conversations and discussions and build on multi-stakeholder participation.

Additionally the Asian Economic Forum is also embarking on a journey to explore how economic policies in Asia could meaningfully impact Climate Change.

Climate Change Economics is the name of our Policy Group within the Asian Economic Forum.

The immediate focus of our work will be initially in South East Asia.

Our objective is to help contribute to various macro-economic policy Discussions that effect economic growth and development on subjects ranging from Climate Change to Macroeconomic, Trade and Investment issues within the Indo-Pacific geography to include policy issues related to Digital Trade and Financing Infrastructure.

Our long-term goal is to highlight economic policies that enable economic growth, stability, transparency and free markets in Asia and also enable global stakeholders to have more engagement opportunities in Asia in addition to their traditional points of interaction.

Our execution strategy on a going forward basis will be to continue to seek collaboration from institutes of global excellence and to work with various multi-stakeholders.

Furthermore, we embarking on the following two key initiatives that we believe will support our long term goals:

1. Non-Resident Fellowships

To highlight valuable data, insights and perspectives to policy makers within the Asia geography and beyond, we are in the process of bringing together a small group of domain experts and practitioners as Non-Resident Fellows to the Asian Economic Forum.

To supplement our focus as an economic focused public policy think tank; our Non-Resident Fellows will be collaborating one of the following Policy Groups:

The first of these Non-Resident Fellows will be collaborating from within the following Policy Groups:

Climate Change Policy Group at Climate Change Economics

Renewable Energy Policy Group at Climate Change Economics

Digital Trade & Cybersecurity Policy Group at the Indo-Pacific Dialogue

Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment Policy Group at the Indo-Pacific Dialogue

Our forward looking objective is to help shine the spotlight on challenging issues and stimulate discussions for policy maker considerations.

2. Public Policy Scholarships

We are working on a collaborative effort with institutes of excellence, globally, to initiate a program by which we can help aggregate and thereafter fund scholarships in Public Policy. 

Our forward looking objective is to encourage more students and future leaders to incorporate the cutting edge economic tools and academic resources of public policy into their skill sets for the benefit of sustainable economic development and advancement of their societies and underlying economies.

Our history 
and journey towards becoming a “think tank” started by an accident of geography and time in 2015 when we were exploring Myanmar as a frontier economy for doing business and thereafter when requested, we embarked on capacity development initiatives to help support a nascent democracy in the form of discussions ranging from sovereign rating to banking policy considerations under the platform of the Myanmar Economic Forum and therein the transition to becoming a think tank.

However after the distressing events in Rakhine, the Myanmar Economic Forum finds itself in the midst of economic engagement on behalf of global stakeholders under challenging circumstances.

We hope the work done by the Myanmar Economic Forum will lead one day to brighter future for Myanmar with economic inclusion for all of its communities.

Now as we continue our journey in South East Asia with an initial emphasis on Vietnam, we look forward to your active participation.

We look forward to hearing from you at [email protected]

Come join the platform … be part of the dialogue.


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