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As we look to the future, we see an opportunity to engage positively to the world we live and work in but also contribute back.

Here are a few way you can help support our journey.

Institutional Support

We have been self funded too date. As we now plan for our next stage of growth, we are actively looking for institutional support.

If you represent a Central Bank, Foundation, Governmental department or organization, Multilateral or a Non-Profit and would like to support any of our Discussions or Initiatives, we welcome the conversation.

Please do contact us at [email protected] for further engagement.



Memberships are an important resource for us to not only engage with our valuable stakeholders but they also help contribute towards to some of the expenses that are necessary to keep our operations ongoing.

We welcome your participate and review our Memberships options to better understand our offerings.

Please do contact us at [email protected] for further engagement.


Giving & Recognition Options

We recognize the importance of helping facilitate Giving and Recognition options.

We seek you support as we plan to build our Non-Resident Fellowship and our Public Policy Scholarship initiatives.

The objective of the Non-Resident Fellowship initiative is to highlight valuable data, insights and perspectives to policy makers globally. We aspire to collaborate with domain experts and practitioners and bring them as Non-Resident Fellows to the Asian Economic Forum.

The objective of the Public Policy Scholarship initiative is to encourage graduate students and future leaders to incorporate the cutting edge economic tools and academic resources of public policy into their skill sets for the benefit of sustainable economic development and advancement of their societies and underlying economies.

Please do contact us at [email protected] for further engagement.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to your thoughts, your engagement and our shared success.


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