Briefing Papers

Briefing Papers

The objectives of the Briefing Papers initiative at the Asian Economic Forum is to encourage local and global stakeholders to find an avenue to Publish a 2 – 4 page Briefing Paper, on any domain subject related to US Policy in Asia to a Washington D.C. Policy stakeholder audience.

Our goals are to help provide unique Asia related dynamics and critical insights on a variety of domain subjects for the benefit of US Policy stakeholders, that perhaps maybe absent from mainstream discussions or conventional thinking.


Previously written Briefing Papers include:

LNG’s role in reducing Vietnam’s Coal reliance & carbon footprint

written by John Goyer

For our stakeholders in Vietnam – Vietnamese translation

The Myths of Myanmar

written by Dr. Michael F. Martin


If you believe you would like to highlight important insights that could have implications for US Policy in Asia, we would encourage you to write to us a Briefing Paper (2 to 4 pages) for our editorial consideration.

Please do submit your Briefing Paper to  for editorial consideration.


Disclaimer: Asian Economic Forum (a nonprofit organization) is a Washington D.C. based Asia focused ‘think tank’ with a research interest in public policy. Our long-term goal is to highlight public policies that enable economic growth, stability, transparency and free markets in Asia and also enable global stakeholders to have more engagement opportunities in the U.S and Asia in addition to their traditional points of interaction. The conclusions and recommendations of any Asian Economic Forum Policy / Briefing Paper (s) and the information and commentaries provided within the U.S. Congress – Asia Policy Review are solely those of its author(s) and commentators / guest contributors, and do not reflect the views of the Board of Governors / Directors or that of the duly appointed Officers of the Asian Economic Forum.


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