, historically has been an extremely challenging geography for colonial powers and a continued complex subject of discussion.

Lessons of foreign intervention from the 1800’s onwards have rarely been learnt or appreciated.

Winning military battles post 9-11 along with the sacrifices borne by US, coalition and Afghani armed forces over the past two decades have shaped the current policy decision making by the United States with devastating consequences as viewed by recent events.

The post-mortem of President Biden’s decision and manner to withdraw US forces and contractors will be the source of much debate.

At the Asian Economic Forum however we would like to focus on the future of Afghanistan.

With the potential of serious short, medium and long term consequences on the human rights of the local Afghan population with particular emphasis on women and children along with negative impact assessments, the prospects of peace, economic and regional stability seem distant.

We therefore would like to invite a candid Policy discussion on the next steps that need to be initiated by the United States along with other regional and global stakeholders.

Collaborations and Briefing / Policy Paper submissions and discussions

If you would like to intellectually collaborate with us in anyway, please do contact us at

If you are stakeholder of Afghanistan affairs, a former government official, a scholar or a faculty member / doctoral student with any academic institution globally, and would like to submit either a Briefing Paper for consideration or have thoughts for a larger Policy Paper for which you seek a conversation, please do contact us at


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